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Expeditee Project Home Page

″If Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love, then let Expeditee be the Goddess of Getting Things Done!″

—Rob Akscyn: Inventor of Expeditee

Welcome to the Home Page of the Expeditee Project, an open source spatial hypermedia editor and browser software that we think is just that little bit different to other hypermedia systems you might have used before. We're very excited by the ideas being developed in the project and we hope you'll find the software interesting, and even better than that, useful!

Through this page you can access:

  • Documentation about the software;
  • Download the Expeditee installer (available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux); and
  • Check-out the source code.

The software itself has its origins in Knowledge Management System a hypermedia system developed Don McCracken and Rob Akscyn. This open source project has been developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Waikato, and encapsulates many of the ideas present in KMS; it also—under Rob's guidance—explores new ideas and thinking to knowledge representation and manipulation.

The genesis of the open source project came through finanical support from Google.



Expeditee Labs

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